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What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Create a state of quiet meditation and induce lucid dreams with this recording. Enter and explore the theta state, accessing information that lies beyond conscious awareness. Open the gateways to a subliminal experience through the power of music. A quick download is all it takes to meet your envisioned personal or spiritual goals from lucid dreaming.

If you’re trying to leverage lucid dreaming for one or more of its numerous benefits, we can help. Our fast-selling product Lucid Dreaming isochronic tone serves as an effective lucid dream trigger. It is ideal if you want an alternative to other inducers such as totem recognition or meditative practices.

We all go through four stages of sleep or sleep spindles. In the first stage, the body and mind start relaxing and drifting in and out of consciousness. The second stage is characterized by a drop in body temperature and a slowdown in heart rate; this is also when the brain starts creating a fast-paced rhythmic pattern. In the third stage, the brain makes delta waves and the brainwave pattern slows down. This is the state where we are no longer conscious of our environment and reality. The Fourth Stage is where dreams and REM occur.

Our downloadable binaural beats and isochronic tones have the same brainwave sound equivalents that help in inducing the aforementioned sleep spindles.

Why download our product?

You don’t need to mentally exert yourself too much to enter a dream state. All you need is a quiet place to lie down comfortably.

Customers using brainwave entrainment have experienced a number of phenomena typically associated with meditation and relaxation techniques.

It works for individuals across all abilities to dream lucidly. For instance, if you’ve consistently struggled to fall asleep and control events consciously, Our lucid dreaming track can help you achieve this state after an hour or so of listening, and more consistently over time. If your spouse is able to dream lucidly more easily that you, but wants to progress to the state very quickly, our product may induce sleep in as less as five minutes.

Lucid dreaming can help you with restful sleep, improve your memory, and enable you to experience your deepest fantasies (in private).

This recording is your simplest path to lucid dreaming. Download it now to start inducing lucid dreams more successfully and consistently.

Aaron Berry

For several months now I have struggled to get restful sleep due to change in work patterns involving a mix of day and night-shifts in the same month. After googling solutions, I chanced upon Lucid Dreaming isochronic tone, and decided to give it a shot. Within just three days of listening to the soothing sounds, not only have I been able to rest more easily but I also feel more refreshed and energized after a good day’s or night’s sleep. It’s an awesome product that I would recommend to anybody!

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