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What Is Astral Projection?

Seek a less challenging path to astral projection and more consistent results over time?

This brainwave entrainment product has been specially created to assist you with your spiritual endeavor. Our customers are strong in their beliefs and accurate in their meditation technique to achieve astral travel. They have been able to get there faster with our relaxing, hypnotic astral projection tones.

Astral projection is one of the most fascinating forms of an out-of-body experience that has informed humankind that communicating with cosmic intelligence is possible. Some have achieved it unconsciously, when in a state of trauma or in the midst of a dream. Many others are attempting the conscious separation of the astral body from the corporeal body, with varying degrees of success.

There are several books and resources on how to induce astral projection. They all unanimously agree that the most important element in achieving astral travel is getting to a state of complete relaxation. That’s the premise upon which our product has been created and perfected.

Astral Projection track induces deep relaxation, helping you dissolve your conscious thoughts and allowing your subconscious to take over. It simultaneously stimulates brainwaves that are active during REM sleep, enhancing your ability to open your third eye and access the astral plane.

Let music be the supporting force that guides you to that profound experience of consciousness outside the brain. Play the soothing music and enter an uninterrupted dream-like state where your only focus is on making your journey to the astral plane.

You may not be successful in the very first attempts or even the first couple of attempts. How well you apply astral projection techniques is also paramount to the results you are likely to achieve. With practice and an effective technique, you will be able to open your third eye and become one with your astral body.

Unless you are completely unaware of your body, astral projection will be impossible to achieve. Our product has a high rate of success helping customers get in tune with their astral senses.

Download the tunes now to move one step closer to meeting your spiritual goal.

Evelyn Russell

I was failing to achieve deep physical relaxation and looking for ways to shift my consciousness. After trying out many ‘solutions’ - including some truly bizarre ones - I decided to stop for a while and take a break before my next attempts at astral projection. That’s when I was recommended X. I must say it has been instrumental in helping me enter the state of relaxation and vibration necessary to a satisfactory OBE.

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