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What Is 7 Hz Meditation?

Whether you seek deep relaxation and restful sleep, or inner peace, 7 Hz Meditation can entrain your brainwaves to theta and near-sleep frequencies between 3.5 Hz and 7 Hz. Move to the desirable frequency bands to experience a range of benefits for your body, mind and soul.

Binaural beats are highly effective in stimulating frequencies associated with various states of mind. Brainwave entrainment is also known as flicker-response, where staring at the flickering of burning candle or a campfire can induce a state of calmness and serenity. Our binaural beats product works on this premise, changing brainwave states in an effortless and instantaneous way through the periodic stimulus of sound.

The brainwave harmonization will occur in the following frequency bands : 3.5 Hz – 7 Hz (theta brainwaves) and 4-7 Hz (near-sleep brainwaves). There are specific benefits associated with these frequency bands, as discussed below.

Theta brainwaves have been stimulated to enter a state of deep meditation by spiritualists and yogis for centuries. It is characterized by a trance-like state, and the mind feels like it has gone into deep sleep while still being conscious of the surrounding environment. In this state, the person may daydream for a long period without any idea of the time spent in the activity.

Reduced anxiety : Anxiety scores after 20 theta sessions have been seen to improve by 56 per cent.

Zen meditation : Theta coherence is much higher during Zen meditation.

Hypnotic induction : Theta stimulation can induce a hypnotic state in most people within just five minutes.

The benefits of staying in the 3.5 Hz – 7 Hz theta brainwave state include : a sense of inner peace, improved memory, deep relaxation, elevated inspiration and intuition, and an increased sense of spiritual connection.

The 4-7 Hz frequency band is also called the twilight state, which we experience when we rise upon getting up, or the moments before we drift off to sleep. This is where we're in a waking dream and receptive to information beyond our conscious awareness. Some people use binaural beats to induce this state in order to stimulate memory, intuition and extrasensory perception skills.

Maria Freed

This is literally the first brainwave entrainment product I picked up to ease my mental worries, and it has worked like magic! I can now relax my mind right from the comfort of my own house. There's no need to depend on anyone else to quell my tensions, and I feel emotionally stronger as well.

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